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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Burnt Orange {Kendall}

Hello friends!  I apologize for missing last week, but thanks to my friends, you probably didn't even notice!

My sweet grandpa that I posted a picture of the week before last passed away on the 30th.  It has been a heartbreaking time for our family.  He lived a good long life and was happy, but it still hasn't been easy.  Anyway, my grandpa donated his body to science and did not want us to have a funeral.  He wanted us to have a party.  So, we did.  And when we have a party, we do it right.  My best friend designed our beautiful floral arrangements and our table cloths just happened to be burnt orange!

Hope you are able to find this fall color in your decor!



  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I've been thinking of you and your family. I think your grandpa had the right idea. That's my plan for when I die. Pretty flowers.

  2. They are beautiful! I do wish I could have been there! Love you! (Oh, love the frames!)

  3. I am so thankful you have so many wonderful memories of your grandpa. The burnt orange is gorgeous and I am sure your celebration was exactly as he would have wanted! btw, I did miss you posting last week :)

  4. I am sorry for your loss, but that's a great way to celebrate a life. The flowers are gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful flowers at what I am sure was a wonderful celebration of your grandfathers life. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing!