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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black ( Natalie )

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I am very pleased to announce that in writing this post on my new ipad!! I saved up some shoot money and also got some extra money in for my birthday so this is what I bought :) I am so excited about using it!
The images you see are two of my favorites. Pardon the first pictures quality. It was taken on the iPad. One of the girls I babysit on Wednesday's is now taking Karate lessons. She really wanted me to take her picture and what do you know! Her uniform was the right color! I think she looks adorable.
The next is a self portrait of my friend Courtney and I. I used my canon rebel XS for that one.The picture was taken while we were on a boat headed to Wilmington for my 20th Birthday. Courtney is an old soul but very bubbly! I call her Squirrely because she is so full of life and always running around helping others. She and our friend, Katie, have helped get me through two very hard years! Im so glad i have them!
Before I go I'd like to know, what you're thankful for this year? I have three things:
1. My God
2. Freedom
3. My family

Have a great week!!

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