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Friday, December 2, 2011

Black (Sheryl)

What can I say . . .  everything looks good on/in black!  Most of the clothes in my closet are black.  Most of my shoes too!  I was so excited about black and couldn't wait for it to get here.  However, I wanted to find something special for this post.  Not your ordinary, run of the mill, everyday black . . .
 A few weeks ago was the Kurban Bayram here in Turkey.  Terry and I stayed in Istanbul and did the "tourist" thing.   While walking around SultanAhmet we happened upon this grand machine.
 If there was an edge. . . it had leather fringe!  I was wondering if, at high speed, the tassels on the handlebars whip the driver?   I am sure this baby gets taken out on the open road, regularly. . . if the highway isn't a parking lot.
Of course, this ensemble wouldn't be complete without skull flag and 'coon tail!  (Notice the "evil eye" charm!)   I was working fast, trying to get these pictures before the owner caught me -- but Terry said "Slow down, I am sure whoever owns this fascinating piece of equipment, would be very flattered!"  I am sure he is right. . .

Thanks for stopping by -- Love, Love Sheryl

1 comment:

  1. wow! I would like to see the person who owns this bike...I just wonder if he or she dresses in fringe to match? This is one incredible bike. Glad you pointed out the "evil eye" or I would have missed it. I have seen more and more of those here. Great pics!