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Friday, November 4, 2011

Dandelion { Sheryl }


This week I have been with Terry in a place called "Tekirdag" (English spelling).  So, I thought I should get my picture here this week.  Well, I haven't found anything except a marigold that even remotely comes close to the color.  I did explore my files and I found these sunflowers that I took HERE during the summer.  Until that trip, I didn't know that Turkey was such a big supplier of the sunflowers seeds we eat and the sunflower oil we use.  Fields that look like this were everywhere.  A month later when we came to this area, these beautiful blooms were all brown and drooping.  They looked so sad and unhappy.  Then I realized, "Of course, they have to go to seed  . . ." (Yes, that was really what I thought!)  The harvesting is done mostly like corn in the United States.  Large trailers are filled with the spent heads and taken off to the market.
Thanks for stopping by -- I enjoy your comments and read them all!  Love, Love, Sheryl


  1. Hope your time has been relaxing...even if you didn't find dandelion. The sunflowers are so pretty!

  2. the cheerfulness of sunflowers can brighten my day! I haven't found dandelion yet. here's hoping...

  3. Beautiful photo! The color and composition is lovely and you taught me something new about Turkey :o). Thank you for sharing!