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Friday, December 16, 2011

Silver (Sheryl)

I was really excited to post silver.  I have had this picture for over a year.  Last year for Christmas, Terry and I went to Munich.  In Munich is the BMW plant and museum.  I really can't express how fantastic the experience was seeing that museum.  From motorcycles to cars, jet engines and space pursuits, it's all there!  The design of the museum it's self was worth the visit.
I know, it seems like I am in a motorcycle rut, but I thought this was the prettiest one I have ever seen!  The picture does it no justice.  The pearl paint is actually undercoated with silver.

I did actually have a couple of more pictures I was really excited about, but I guess I have lost them.  I changed computers during this year and I guess they didn't get transferred.  The concept cars were amazing.  If you ever go to Munich, don't miss this exhibit.

Thanks for stopping by . . . Sheryl