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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Apricot? {Natalie}

Hey y'all! When I first heard of the color choice I thought, "hm that could be challenging." Boy was it ever! I searched high and low all week for apricot. As I was practicing piano I happened to notice this. Now I practice everyday and see this as I practice so you can imagine my surprise when I realized how close it was to the color. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for following us on our colorful endeavor. We all enjoy it so much! Have a great weekend!


  1. Oooh I forgot about this week and last week! Yikes! good find!

  2. Great job Nat! Beautiful!

  3. I still have NOT clue what I'm going to do for this color challenge! LOVE your shot!

  4. Gorgeous point of view. Lovely picture!

  5. Good capture! I hope I manage to get the same inspiration and find some apricot right under my nose, still struggling to find any!