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Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 6:Color Reveal

Sorry guys for posting this so late!  I thought I'd watch a movie with my hubby after the boys went to bed instead of blogging. Normally I would of stayed up after the movie, but I was one tired mommy after a weekend of sick little boys and snow shoveling! Anyway, your here to see the new color you will be hunting this week ...It was a tricky one for me, I hunted everywhere and wouldn't you know I found it right under my nose! Well, more like right in front of me, I was cooking dinner and pondering about all the places I could find this color and when I looked up it was staring back at me.

I found the color hiding in a bowl full of seashells that we had taken home from the beaches of the Carolina’s. We were actually visiting the family of our colorful contributor Natalie; we had brought them home as little mementos of our travels and good times with family!

While the color of the week is slightly lighter than my finds, you can find all shades of the color in my shells, from light to dark. Plus there are shades that match the wrapper as well as the shade found in the actual crayon…I also got a chance to use my new micro filters for these shots and I always love the chance to try out new toys! So amidst all the snow, I found the color hiding in the memories of warm sunny beaches!
Good luck hunting for the color of week 6, the pale creamy color of apricot! Hopefully while searching you run into some fun memories or get a chance to learn a new skill or improve you photography! Afterall that is what this project is all about, having fun, learning and improving though practice!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for more Apricot inspiration and on Thursday for the reveal of our monthly winner! You can vote for your monthly favorite until Wednesday at midnight and link up your Gray photos until Saturday!

Happy Color Hunting!


  1. I already think I know what I'm going to use! Just have to do a color check to see if it matches :)

  2. I think your shells are just great!Absolutely love the simplicity of the shot. Don't know if I can live up to that...will have to start thinking!

  3. Your seashells are beautiful. You captured the incredible detail.

  4. Apricot is HARD! I finally found my inspiration...can't wait to share it with everyone!

  5. I didn't realize Apricot is as light as it is. For some reason, I keep taking pictures of a darker color that I think is Apricot until I look on here again. This is definitely a great way to learn about color!

  6. I like this, it reminds of the beach. I like the color and the framing. This is lovely.