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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

INDIGO, how I am not fond of you!! {Jeana}

Well, I have to agree with Brooke, indigo is such a crazy color, is it blue, is it purple.....just what is it!  I have "hunted" for this one all around. I went to school today and saw some things I thought was it....took pictures with my iPhone (because I broke the cardinal rule for photographers...."Never leave home without your camera!"). But when I got home and downloaded them, I wasn't so sure they were Indigo after all....sooooo my hunt was on again.
Now, I am a stickler for thinking we are to find THE color not close.....but here is what I have and I apologize to you and to myself for not being able to find the color.....If Austin doesn't pick easier colors next month he is FIRED!!!!

This is the one I found at wasn't blue but wasn't quite indigo....but anyway...proof I was hunting!!

This is a snowman I have out during the winter! I know we all sick of snow but ya gotta admit this guy is cute!!

Keep linking up with everyone and remember it is never to late to start taking pictures!! Good luck with Indigo!!



  1. Indigo is hard to find, but still love it! Whenever I'm coloring and I want it to be blue, indigo is the crayon I often choose. When I saw indigo announced, I thought immediately of a song called "Mood Indigo" that was on my mom's jukebox in her restaurant. Warm memory in spite of indigo's place on the color wheel. :)

  2. Jeana, this made me laugh. Indigo is a weird color. Good finds, though!

  3. I think the recycle box is pretty close.
    I love the snowman.

  4. I like them both, but I do think the snowman has more purple in his blue! I might have to mix the colors up more before he picks next time!

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  6. LOL! You have me laughing at this "If Austin doesn't pick easier colors next month he is FIRED!!!!"

  7. Im glad to hear I am not the only one struggling to identify indigo. It really is one of those truly evasive colours!

  8. can we skip this week and call it "project 63: the indigo crayon was missing"

  9. HaHa, Cat...NO if we have to find it so do you!!!!!
    Thanks for all your comments girls...I look forward to them each week!

  10. Well, your post makes me feel better! LOL! I love the effort and I think the snowman is adorable!

  11. As I was hunting for mine...I realized that I do have many blues surrounding me. Guess, I love the color....but Indigo...was a bit harder.
    I am hoping for "close" this time.