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Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 7, Color Reveal {Brooke}

First of all, I'd like to say thank you to you all! In the short time yesterday's post as been up you all have been very kind and have expressed very nice things about your fellow participants and project 64. Thank you for always supporting each other and taking time to share the love!

I also wanted to let you know that I had to delete two entries for the Apricot linkup, nothing was wrong with the photos, but there was an issue with the links. The either were not working at all or the link was wrong. So, if it was your entry I deleted just email me and let me know and feel free to re-link you post back to the Apricot link up with the proper working links. If you are having trouble linking up or not sure how to do it, then please email me and I will try my best to walk you through it!

I am amazed the apricot finds that have been linked up so far! It is definitely a tough color to match, but you all are doing so well! If you thought apricot was a tough color to match, just wait....this week's color is a shade of blue that leaves you thinking you've found just the right shade, but when you compare it to the color it's not even close! I used this crayon to write with and color with all week, I have scribbled notes and splashes of it on scrap papers everywhere. As I sit here typing this I can see all the object surrounding me that containing shades of blue that I attempted to match to this shade but with no luck...

Ok, here is the crazy shade of blue we are going to be  hunting this week...

It's tricky because the actual crayon looks so dark, almost navy like, but when you start to color with it you get a color that is close to your true blue color but with purplish tint to it. I searched high and low for this and thought I had it a few times, but when I went to open my photos they were either cobalt blue or blue blue. So this morning I was getting the milk out of the fridge and found this...

A carton of eggs, really? The strip of dark blue and the darker blue writing all over the carton was the closest shade of Indigo I could find...

I hope you all have fun hunting for this crazy shade of blue and if you want an added challenge, when you do finally find Indigo hiding somewhere in your world, get a little creative and try playing with angles and perspective! Shooting from different angles and giving a different perspective to something is another way to get out of your box.

I hope you all have a great Valentine's day! If you have time head on over to Mortal Muses and read my guest post, we are musing on evidence of love!

Happy coloring!


  1. Great photos, I think the first is my favorite. Thanks for the challenge. I'll have to start looking for different shades of blue.

    We're staying in a guest house in Italy for our honeymoon this summer, in a room named indigo. I was just looking at the website again this weekend!

  2. Love each of these shots...

    And I am starting to look around for indigo; I think I know what I am going to do! :)

    Becky @ My Daily Journey

  3. What a pretty colored carton! It sounds like I’m going to have to buy a box of crayons to get the right color; it’s funny how different the color can be when you use them.

  4. Who knew a carton of eggs could look so cool?!?

  5. I going to need a box of crayons! This one sounds tricky! Great pics of the egg carton and good catch on the color.

  6. Wow! I've never seen a blue egg carton. I wouldn't want to toss it in the recycling because it's so pretty.

  7. The next-to-last is my favorite. I love that you chose the egg carton! During the snow storm last week, a friend bought an extra carton identical to this for me when Wal-Mart was restocked...who knew they'd be such a commodity?! LOL!

  8. Love it...I can't wait to start looking...But true to my nature I'm still looking for apricot...always one step behind...but at least I'm stepping! :)

  9. Love that color! So pretty! Can't wait to find something to match! :)

  10. Has anylone sent me a box a colors? I've been shooting blind! LOL!

  11. This is a hard color already! Everything I find is too blue!! Great job Brooke!

  12. Just wonderful! Thanks for the reminder not to be too " boxed in"! What a great colour match you found, should prove an interesting colour to find.