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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Green (Jeana)

It seems that the further I go in this project the more I realize that "my world" in which I live is not as colorful as I once thought! I think we get so used to the colors that we have around us and we think that we are "colorful". But since this project has begun I am seeing that there is a whole different spectrum that I have never even embraced! I am really enjoying "seeing" these new colors and hope to open my eyes even more to the many variations that exist in the following weeks!

My Spring Green is a journal that I had a long time ago and "found" while looking for this color. Not only did I find the color but I found some amazing truths, that I had written about and since forgotten. So as you all see this as just a book with a Spring Green cover, I see it as pages with my past that I pray change my future.

Thanks for letting my ramble!

Keep uploading your pictures and letting us "see" into your lives!



  1. Nice find! I'm sure you'll enjoy reading through that! :)

  2. Love also the texture! Good reading!

  3. Love the journal, but love the wisdom behind the words. "I see it as pages with my past that I pray change my future." Those are lovely words.