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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Green {Shana}

You know for someone who doesn’t work I sure am a busy girl. Of course, I have got a great group of ladies around me that help keep me that way. I procrastinated and procrastinated on this week’s color (due to my business *cough) and so Friday morning I am looking around trying to find this spring green which I might add is a little too light in my opinion. I finally find it in my “The Guide” to Istanbul book. I just love getting these magazines and seeing what is coming up in this city. Even though the book is in English most of the things that it advertises for is not...but hey at least I know what is going on, right?

Also, I wanted to let you linkers know how much we appreciate your posts. We talk about your postings all week and how incredible they are. Let me tell you it is SO hard trying to find a winner because we are blown away by your creativity. Keep up the good work!


  1. If you are a woman, you work. Period. :-) Great find. You might be able to fill most of your Crayola box with this shot!