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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tickle Me Pink (Jeana)

I am so sorry I missed posting this yesterday. I did not feel well and just forgot that it was my post day.  I had the picture ready just didn't remember!

It doesn't have to be Valentines day to enjoy a box of Hershey's Chocolates!!!! Probably why I can't lose weight!!!!!

Keep your posts coming we truly enjoy seeing everyone's pictures!



  1. When you're ill, it's perfectly okay that you miss a posting, truly it is. I hope you're much better today. ~hugs~
    Love the box, and of course, what was in it!

  2. I'm with Scrappy! Take care of yourself! We love and look forward to all of your posts, but we love you more!
    By the way, I'll take any unused portions of those chocolates off of your hands. LOL!

  3. Thanks, guys.....I am feeling better after your posts! And I would share the chocolates but....there in never any unused portions of chocolate with me!!!

  4. Chocolate sure has a way of making all things better, doesn't it? That might be the prettiest tickled-pink box of chocolates I've ever seen!