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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tickle Me Pink {Kendall}

Good evening!  Ok, as I was getting ready to post this blog, I began thinking what a strange name Tickle Me Pink is.  I don't remember it being a crayon name when I was a child.  And I knew crayons!  So, I did a little Google search (something I do often), and in case you needed some useless knowledge, Tickle Me Pink came onto the scene in 1993.  I know you feel smarter knowing that!

Now, on to the pictures.  Here is my first and probably my favorite.

And here is another.  Anyone know what kind of flower this is?  I thought it was so cool because the edges were torn looking.

Tickle Me Pink kind of reminded me of a bubblegum pink.  It is a color I don't have much of around here at the boy asylum.

Keep uploading your Scarlet photos.  And if your brand spankin' new to this site and you want to join in on this craziness, click here.

Thanks for playing along with us!  Hope you are all having a super week.



  1. Great photos! Just like you I don't have much pink because I have two boys and it's also not one of my favorite colors so I'm on the search for it. With regards to your question about what kind of flower that is? I used to work at a flowershop in my pre kids life and that flower is more than likely a Tulip that has been made to look like that. Can't find it on my flower book so I can't give you it's scientific name but its definately a tulip of some sort. I can't decide which picture to summit for "scarlet" I have several options. I love this project.

  2. Great flower shots Kendall! We have a little girl so we're surrounded by pink, but I hope I can find something out of the ordinary to photograph this week. The hunt is on!

  3. I am loving your floral shots...didn't you say you've never really taken pictures of flowers?

    I'm excited that I found this color in one of Wyatt's favorite things...a book about an imaginary friend! Can't wait to link up this week!

  4. That first shot....really like that the way the flowers are bending with the weight of their wonderfulness.
    Boy asylum-very funny. Tickle Me Pink-all I can think of is Elmo. What year was he the "have to have" Xmas toy?

  5. I now have a great-granddaughter on whom I can lavish all kinds of pink. Yea! :D It's been over ten years since I've been able to do that.
    I'm not a flower expert, but I too think it's a tulip with frilled petals. Beautiful!

  6. Beautiful pinks!
    These are actually called Fringed Tulips in a tulip class all to themselves.

  7. These two shots are beautiful.
    Love the texture in the second photo.