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Monday, February 28, 2011

Let's Catch Up!

Today is the day of our catch up day! I'd like to thank all of you who have been linking up from day one, your support and participation in our project has sparked lots of new interest and one of the reasons we are having this catch up day! I would also like to welcome all the newbies, we are so glad you have found us and have decided to join our colorful journey!

Today is a day for those of you who have been on this journey from day one to remind us of all your colorful entries and give us a review of the past two months, possibly share your thoughts about your journey through the box so far. Today is also for all you newbies who have either been following and have never linked up but now want to or those who found us a few colors in and felt like you couldn't just jump in without starting at the beginning. If you just found us today, you are welcome to join us now, tomorrow or next month, you do not have to start at the beginning, but if feel like you must, I plan to leave this catch up day link up open for a few weeks, so feel free to link up your review of past colors! If you are new, don't forget to check out all the pages and learn more about Project64 and it's creators and contributors. Also, if you have yet to add your name to the participant list be sure that you do!

No matter when you found us or started this journey, today you have the chance to show us all your color inspired photos, starting at the beginning with yellow green from week one. If you need a reminder of all the colors past, just head on over to our colors by week  page.

This linkup is for a review of your past colors, so keep linking up the current week's color over at the lavender linkup and enter your INDIVIDUAL lavender inspired photo.

Before moving onto the linkup, I'd like to showcase a few colorful entries from our past linkups!

1. Yellow Green  2.Carnation Pink  3. Chestnut  4. Robin's Egg Blue

1. Gray  2.Indigo  3.Apricot  4. Lavender

For today's linkup you may link up the DIRECT link to a Flickr set, single blog post or separate blog page containing ALL the past color prompts. Please do not link up a keyword search for your Project64 past post, this must be a NEW post containing ALL your colorful photos in  a SINGLE post/page. Also, do not link up your entire Flickr photostream, just the DIRECT link that will take us to a set dedicated only to Project64 color inspired photos. Be sure to link back to us either by grabbing our button or placing a link to our page in your post. If you find your link has been removed, it is because it did not follow the guidelines and I apologize, but if you have any questions, feel free to email me and ask...Brooke, martin4_photography{at}yahoo{dot}com

p.s. I will reveal this week's color tonight and our colorful contributors will continue sharing their take on the week's color prompt throughout the week as normal, so be sure to keep coming back!

As always no fancy camera required and Flickr link-ups welcome! When you link up please use the DIRECT LINK/POST containing your reivew of colorful photos and be sure to link back to us!


  1. Brooke, thank you for including one of my shots is this beautiful potpourri of lovely images!

    Have a most blessed week.

    Becky@ My Daily Journey

  2. This is such a fun idea!!!
    How can I join? I'm attempting a 365 project and this can help me so much on those days where I don't feel inspired or motivated. Here is a link of my first ever blog,

    I still have so much to learnand I'm having a blast doing it.

  3. I went thru my folders and found all sorts of colors here is my first post all about colors inspired by you guys.

  4. Brooke, Thanks for using my gray in your photo collage...It's such an honor....You totally made my day!! :)