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Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 9, Color Reveal {Brooke}

I haven't had a chance to comment on any one's linkups, but I've been by to visit most of them and so far I am loving all your photos. You all are so creative and I enjoy seeing where you find the color of the week! I am also glad to have so many new participants coloring with us!

There has been some questions on how you join up with Project64, it's pretty simple, just watch for the weekly linkups (they start on Sundays and close on Saturdays) and link up your take on the week's color prompt, which is revealed on Mondays. If you feel you must go back and complete the past colors head on over to this post for details on linking up your color review.

So, it is Monday and that means it is time to pull another crayon out of our box and get to coloring! I personally like this week's color and was excited when my hubby pulled it out of the box; I immediately had ideas running through my head! Want to know this week's color????

White! It's not really a "color", more so void of color and typically an accent or neutral to a more dominate color. So this week should be fun, finding ways to make white the dominate color and the star of your photo is sure to be a challenge, but have fun with it!

This week I decided to go white on white, since it is one of my favorite things to do! So, naturally I thought it would be a good idea for the added challenge this week! Now, my photos are not completely white on white, the flower and angles I chose to use didn't leave much room for cropping out the green, but you get the idea.  For my white background, I just use white foam board that I found at my local craft store. I have a few post on my personal blog that give tutorials and pull backs on how I utilize foam board, here and can easily use poster board as well. Also, you can see another example of white on white that I took before Project64 started over on my blog.

This last photo is a little closer to a true white on white, hope you guys have fun hunting for white!

Happy Coloring!


  1. These are breathtakingly beautiful. I love the composition of all of them. I really hope I can find something unique this week.

  2. love the white on white look! I may have to try that this week! Thanks Brooke for the lovely inspiration and foam board tips!

  3. Stunning, Brooke!
    I'm not being maudlin, but I never realized that a huge amount of white could be so gorgeous until my children and I picked white roses to be the flowers on my husband's casket. They have since become a favorite of mine.

  4. Wonderful! And I specially love that "this white", looks like "the white" in my mind! :)

    Have a joyous day!

    Becky@ My Daily Journey

  5. Oh my inspiring. I love the white tulips Brooke.
    I love the extra challenge of white on white...crossing my fingers I can pull it off...or maybe..hoping I find something white at all. lol

  6. These are simply stunning! White on white is one of my favorites, and I use the foam board as well--a cheap and easy backdrop. Off to check your tutorials.

  7. Lovely!
    Finally a color we all know. :)
    I'm a foam board fanatic at this point. I love it.
    The white on white will certainly be a challenge. I'm sure we're see lots of creative results.

  8. I love the white on white! You are really very creative with this project! Inspiring!

  9. I've been admiring these all week. Hope you don't mind that I included one in my list of top five favorite photos of the week.