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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

White!! (Jeana)

Well, I guess Austin can stay around a bit longer, White wasn't as bad as some of them in the past few weeks!!!

When I glanced around at the many white things I have, I didn't realize I had that many white things!! Unlike Kendall, all my dirty paw children have grown and gone, much too soon I might add! BUT.....I have dirty grimy little grandchildren here now...well I only have one at the time but I anticipate many more!! So I just had to share my special gift from him at 3 months old....

All you mommies with things that are no longer white because of precious dirty hands, remember all too soon these little hands are grown up big hands! And remember....
"A Mother holds her children's hands a little while, but holds their hearts forever!"

And speaking of children growing up......I didn't take these pictures this week so I didn't want to submit them as my weekly post, but I have been waiting patiently to show off pics of my newest daughter-in-law!  I took these back in January at my studio and had a wonderful time with her. 

Keep your links coming....we are thrilled to have you be apart of our color world!!



  1. Great pictures! And a beautiful bride!

  2. Thanks Kendall....I think was an exceptionally beautiful bride! Both my daughter-in-laws were so beautiful and happy on their day!

  3. She's a pretty addition to the that last shot of her best.

  4. I looked at the precious hand prints that are embedded like yours, but none of them are white. Precious memories.
    The bride- happy, smiling and loved.

  5. Aww how pretty is she?! Love all your memories in your white photos!

  6. I loved seeing the pictures of Bailey! She is such a beautiful girl! Jonathan's hand and foot, what great gift! Love You!

  7. I love the third photo. She is adorable. A great white entry!