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Friday, March 25, 2011

Tickled Pink (Sheryl)

Okay, I thought that "Tickled Pink" would be an easy color to find.  I was wrong!  I do try to find my color on my daily "journey".  Well, yesterday my journey lead me into to the converse store with my friend Allyson.  I did find this to be very cute and couldn't resist!
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  1. So cute! Almost makes me want a girl...then I snap out of it!

  2. Converse must make several spring-time colored shoes. Love them!

  3. Very cute!!! What a great find!

  4. Oh, aren't these too adorable! Makes me hope to have another grandgirl sometime soon. (That might be news to my daughters)

  5. How cute! We just ordered Ariana some pink converse that look similar to those! Adorable!