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Friday, June 24, 2011

Goldenrod { Sheryl }

I love this color!  I really can't wear yellow but it does provide a lot impact in a photograph!  The following photos were part of an assignment using "the rule of nines" -- positioning the object in a grid of nine squares.  
 These are some weeds near my house -- I love what you will find on a photo walk!
 The balloon ride I went on in June was spectacular for shooting a lot and getting to experiment.  
I thought they only had wagon wheel in the "Ol' West" -- 

I am so glad to be back in the "saddle"!  Thanks everyone for a tremendous week of new inspiration along with wonderful stories of how this project has impacted you.  Please take a moment to tell me what you have learned from your experience linking with our group -- I really would love to hear from you.  

If you are interested in more photos of Biblical Turkey, check out my blog

Thanks for sharing (in advance) -- thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl


  1. Wow, a balloon ride? It's in my bucket list and still waiting to happen.

  2. Just come on over and we will go -- I don't think I would ever turn down a chance!

  3. I would call that weed a wildflower. :)
    awesome shot of the balloon!

  4. I think the wildflowers are called Fleabane. I've always thought they were so pretty. Spot on centers for Goldenrod!

  5. You are right! My mom said "A weed is just something that is growing where you don't want it" She loves plants and flowers of every kind! So, it was a wildflower growing where it shouldn't have been! Hahaha!