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Monday, June 20, 2011

Here Goes Another 4 Weeks, Color Reveal {Brooke}

Can you believe we are starting in on week 25 and we are starting another round of 4 weekly favorites!? It is crazy how fast we are flying through our crayon boxes, it is not much longer and we will find ourselves in the middle of our box, two little sleeves down and two more to go...but for now we are on week 25 and we are ready for another color! I have a feeling you all are going to have a great time with our next four colors, when my hubby pulled them out of the box they immediately screamed SUMMER and all together looked much like a handful of popsicles, yum! I bet you can't wait to see what is in store, but today you only get to see one, the rest will have to wait!

I was soooo excited to finally get a shade of yellow this week! I am in love with yellow and I found plenty of it in my search for the perfect picture!

On our way home from running errands we passed over the big bridge and boats were out, so I we took a short detour and I drove down to the water so the boys could watch them for a little bit...

Then there is my little garage sale find that is being purposed as decor in my kitchen...

Then of course my little bug-a-boo's doing what they do, picking flowers and playing with rocks and yes, I do dress them alike...

Then there is my favorite birthday gift that came in last week, the gift is not goldenrod, but some of the lettering on a card that was in one of the pockets is...and of course I had to have a reason to share my wonderful gift my hubby got for me!

But, one of my faves is a quick snapshot I captured of my little one (wearing shirt with just the right shade of yellow) playing with an antique camera given to me for my birthday by my husband's grandparents (it even once belonged to his great grandma, even more special)...

I hope your week is filled with goldenrod, mine sure was!


  1. Your bag is very cute! I have an insert that I am looking for a "Original Fake" designer backpack that I can insert it in -- I can't wait to find it! Your boys are so cute -- I love that you dress them alike! Love you!

  2. I love this colour. Nice shots! LG Tina

  3. If you like join us on *PicStory* with some flowers this week :)

  4. Wonderful shots, each one of them! This week's color hunting promises to be so much fun.:)

    Becky@My Daily Journey

  5. Great finds. Love your birthday gifts--Happy Belated Birthday!

  6. Love all the different finds! Love that business card, creative!

  7. Your son has the most amazing eyes! Terrific Goldenrod picks.