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Monday, July 18, 2011

Color Reveal Week 29 {Brooke}

How is everyone doing?? Hope you all are still having fun hunting your colors! Today we are starting another month of colors and when we get to our last color this month we will officially be HALFWAY through the box!!  I also wanted to let you all know that after we pass the halfway mark we are going to change up things a little bit, starting week 33 we will reveal the week's color as normal on Monday's, however I am going to open the revealed color's linky the same day and leave Sunday's open for revealing winners and for announcements. However, for the next four weeks we will keep on doing it the same way, just giving a little heads up!

This week's color was HARD for me! I couldn't find it anywhere and in all my searching I forgot to take a crayon picture so there won't be one this week, but I made an alternative!

So since I couldn't find this week's color I gave up my search and decided to raid my sewing thread, I found what I was looking for, but I've done thread before...

But, wouldn't you know, just hours before I set down to do this post we were getting the boys ready for bed and my oldest was brushing his teeth....guess who's toothbrush matches this weeks color? Although the photo made it a little darker, in person it really is super close to this week's color....

Hope you have a better time finding this week's color: WISTERIA


  1. I love the gonna go hunting now!

  2. Holy Canoli! I didn't even know this blog existed!! This would have made my last 19 days SOOO much easier! haha... These photos are beautiful. I'll definitely be back to check in.