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Friday, July 8, 2011

Sea Green -- How hard was this? ( Sheryl )

I am so in unbelief how hard this was!  I really feel blessed to how easy it has been until now -- 
I had to create a sample to know exactly what color I was looking for --
I went on a tour of the Bosporus with my friend Joan -- while passing this old wooden structure (which is protected by some kind of court order here in Turkey)  she was saying "Get a picture of that, it will be one of your colors, soon!"  I do just love how everyone in my life has become part of this project!  This house is one of very few wooden structures still remaining in Istanbul and it is right on the waters edge.  I was relieved it worked for this color.  (It didn't match exactly but I thought it was close enough) Thanks Joan for your encouragement -- you are so special!
This week I have had to re-organize my removable hard drive -- actually remove everything from it and get a new one.  (How sad it is when something you depend on starts to make noises like it going to fail you --)  I found this picture of the bikini's hanging at the local bazaar.  I shot this in passing for another color but didn't use it -- I couldn't believe it when it fit this week perfect!

I would love to know what you think -- please leave a commit -- Please?  I check everyday and just love it when I hear from you!  (I am so far away, ya know?) Thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl

Oh P.S. -- I am loving the RED shots you are posting!  Making it very hard on use to choose!  


  1. It was hard wasn't it... your shots are great though!

  2. well, aren't you the smart one...taking this picture in anticipation of Sea Green! What a great find. Love everything about the shot.

  3. Great shots. My favorite is the first one.

  4. Love the photo of the house. How unique!

  5. Love both the photos! I thought the second picture was panties! I'm looking on my phone so the pictures are small. Made me laugh!

  6. Well, I am sure I can find a display of panties -- ! At the bazaars you can get whatever your little heart desires! As far as thinking ahead on that one -- I owe that to Joan! Thanks everyone (my shameless begging was in a weak moment!) Love, Love!

  7. Quite impressive, considering how difficult sea green is to find. Great shots!

  8. These are wonderful captures! I haven't had anywhere near this kind of luck from my hunt, and the week is nearly over.