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Friday, August 12, 2011

Cadet Blue ( Sheryl )

Cadet Blue

In Istanbul, we attend a small church in the older part of town.   The area is called Taxsim.   The Union Church of Istanbul is a collection of people from every part of the world.  With the kind generosity of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix and the Government of the Netherlands, we meet in the Dutch Chapel at the Consulate in Istanbul.
 At the back of the chapel is a balcony.  Terry and sat here on our first visit to the chapel, on Easter.  It was hot and very tight.  We haven't allowed ourselves to be late enough for that in the future.  There must have been a pipe organ here at some point but it doesn't seem to be present with only a few pipes left behind.
The pulpit of the church is solid wood and really makes an impact upon entering. 
 I don't understand the design process behind these windows.  There are two alike in the chapel.  I am sure they are not original.  I did think that our blue was probably represented here --
The chapel has been many things over the years it has stood in Taxsim,  Istanbul.  It is my understanding it was even used as a prison.  It is a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of this church and it's history.  I do have in my possession a book written by our Pastor's wife, Elaine van Rensburg called "In God's House".  I am looking forward to reading it and understanding more about the history of this place, this people!
I am not sure this is a match either -- 

Thanks for stopping by -- Seni Seviyorum!  Sheryl


  1. I love stained glass. Whether it makes sense or not!

  2. This is such a beautiful place!!