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Friday, August 26, 2011

Violet -Blue ( Sheryl )

Oh, please forgive me for missing last week!  I almost always do my posts in advance and really thought I had, because I knew, I would be in AMERICA.  It's so busy for me when we come home for visits.  However, I do love to shop for the things I think I want and need.  I have been looking for a bag to put a camera bag style insert in -- something that didn't weigh anything alone with a zipper and a cross body strap.  
This photo is very dark and you can't see the insert but it's in there.   (My camera is in my hand!)
It's a Kipling bag that I found at Macy's for 75% off!  I just love it and I can't wait to do some traveling with it!   To me it looked Blue-Violet but I don't know if I have a match.  

I'll be back in Turkey next week -- See ya then!  Love, Love Sheryl


  1. Great bag! Enjoy your time in America and have a safe trip back to Turkey!

  2. These look lovely!