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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Color Reveal Week 42 {Kendall}

Have you been anxiously awaiting the color reveal?  Well here it is...drum roll please...

The color for week forty-two is:

Gold!  I think it is appropriate for the fall colors most of us are seeing (or hoping to see) around us.  It is feeling like fall here in Oklahoma, it is a cool 60 today.  Now if all these green trees would start changing colors!  I am ready for the fall colors.

Here is my find for the week.  As I told you last week, my sweet grandfather passed away.  Last week I went to his house and my uncle had found the movie camera that my grandparents used.  He saved it just for me.  I was so excited.  And even more excited that it was in the original box!

The box is a little more yellow than gold, but the tape holding it together almost matches the color of the crayon.

Can't wait to see your posts!


  1. Kendall, what a perfect item you were given to remember your Grandpa. Your unlce must be pretty special too, to have thought of you when he set that camera aside. and btw, the gold crayon and the background is super cute!

  2. what a wonderful treasure! how kind of your uncle to save it for you

  3. Spectacular! I am actually more into the packaging than I would be the camera! Great find!