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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chestnut, Week 3

Hi everyone! I'd just like to say that trying to pick a favorite for carnation pink was quite the task! Your pictures were AMAZING! I really love how everyone has the same inspiration but in the end makes it their own! So, after a little back and forth we narrowed it down to two and then to one, so here it is, our favorite from week two!

We loved Cat's carnation pink graffiti! Not only is it an eye catching photo, we loved that she went "out of the box" in hunt for her color. Instead of taking it easy and capturing one of the many girly items that surround her, she went a different route! If you haven't stopped by for a visit over at Cat's blog No Wooden Spoons then head on over and give her some love!

Before we move onto the linkup for chestnut, I'd like let you know about a few changes on the blog. Have you visited our pages up above? If you haven't go check them out! I added a FAQ section, in hopes of answering any questions about the format of the blog and linkups, if you have additional questions please feel free to leave them there. I also added a page to keep a list of our favorites of the week and our monthly winners, just to make it a little easier to find. There is also a page dedicated to those who are participating in our journey through the box, it's a list of our little community here on Project64, go there to add your name to the list, but  make sure to read the directions carefully, it's a one time link up, not the weekly link up. There is a blog buttons page, but I haven't got that far yet, sorry! Just keep using the button at the bottom of the page. Lastly, I added a announcements banner under the pages and above the post area. I'll have the current linkup listed (click on the color to go directly to the page) and the color we are hunting announced.

Well, I think that's it, at least for now...So, how did you like our color inspirations throughout the week? Did they help you on your hunt for chestnut?  We can't wait to see them, so go, link up!

Oh, almost forgot, I decided to reveal the new color of the week on Monday, tomorrow thought it was a little much talking about three colors in one post (our fave from the week before, the link up color and the new color). Just in case you are new here and want to know what the project is all about visit here. If you want to see all the past colors including our current color go here.
Alright, now go and link up your Chestnut inspired photos below and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the new color and the start of week 4!


  1. Awww thanks for picking my photo for the fav of Carnation Pink! :) Y'all made my morning!

  2. Graffiti is so mysterious! Great job!

  3. Great pic. I'm not sure I can wait until tomorrow for the new color! :)

  4. I agree with Colleen-can't stand the suspense!!! lol Great photo, too1

  5. Thank you for hosting this. It is so much fun to see different colors through different lenses! :)

    I can't wait to see what is next week's color!

  6. Looking forward to participating in this.Love all the different interpretations!