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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Playing with light {Jeana, Robins Egg Blue}

Well for those of you that know me, you know THE wedding is only 10 days away now and things are getting kinda crazy! I am also a videographer and I am working diligently on the wedding video because my son said "It has to be the BEST video you have ever produced!" (No pressure here!) Anyway, I promise after next week my pictures will be better and a little more interesting! But for this week as I "hunted" for Robin's Egg Blue, I found a box of light sticks and one of them was the color of blue I was looking for and so I decided to play with light. Light always intrigues me and some of time Baffles me, well a lot of the time! So I found my self in the darkest spot in my house (my office closet) seeing what I could do with this light stick and this is what I came up with:

This was a close up of it and I thought interesting because of the way it produced a white in the center and then the color of blue it was out side of that and then the glow was a dark blue....anyone have any reasons why??

Another shot but it retained the blue color on the inside:

This is a little pixelated on the upload but this was at a 1 sec shutter speed and I moved it during the exposure time:

Anyway kinda cool and I will continue my journey into the explanation of light!