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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Robin's Egg Hunt {Kendall Week 4}

I kind of felt like I was on an Easter egg hunt while I was looking for my color this week.  I went to our local antique store because my husband told me he saw an old camera there that he thought was the exact color and I should go buy it.  I went and I found it.  But it was $23 and it wasn't very cute so I decided to go on a hunt around the store.  Robin's Egg Blue is kind of a vintage color to me so there was definitely plenty at the antique mall! (I took all these photos with my new phone.  The quality is actually pretty good, I think.)

Don't forget we are still taking submissions for your chestnut photos!  I thoroughly enjoy looking at all of you photos.  This has been so fun!



  1. I love all your finds! Did you go to the antique mall by the statue place? I love that place, next time I'm that way I'm going!

  2. Looking at your photos brought back so many memories! I used to have one of those blue Avon "pitchers" held bubble bath! My Grams had those dishes with the clear glass lids. Thanks so much for taking me down memory lane!

  3. This one has got me a little bit stumped but I am up to the challenge. :)

    Thanks so much for coordinating this. I am loving it so far!

  4. I love those pictures! I really love the spoons and I think cash register! LOOOVE THEM!!

  5. I want everything here for my house. We have a wonderful consignment shop here that has a whole room of vintage pyrex. I want to just live there. :) My Robin's Egg will be posted tomorrow. xo tam and

  6. I headed to an antique shop, too!!! That was my first thought. My grandmother had those lidded pyrex. Great pictures!

  7. Superb! Now I have to visit our local antique shop.

  8. Great finds, I love antique shops! They are so much fun.