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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finding "Robin's Egg Blue" in this dismal weather has been a challenge. I am a very visual person and I do not own a "Robin's Egg Blue" Crayola. (I could only find a box of 24 here in Istanbul.) I have no real reference to this color, in my minds eye that is. It seemed that the sky was my best model. I shot this picture on the street where I live -- during a brief out break of sunshine. It seemed to bright, so I used "Entropy-5" texture from Shadowhouse Creations ( in overlay mode at 100%, this adjusted the color to what I thought would be acceptable.
Don't forge to link your "Chestnut" photos -- there is still plenty of time to shoot one! I have really enjoyed seeing your posts for this wonderful challenge.
Thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl


  1. It is amazing how the sky does actually resemble dug egg blue. Here in Australia our sky is far too vibrant to ever pass for duck the hunt continues!

  2. Great job! Gotta love Shadowhouse!