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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scarlet {Kendall}

I was excited when I heard scarlet was an upcoming color. Maybe I was more excited because I love the name Scarlet. My favorite movie is Gone with the Wind and if I were to have a daughter, I would have considered Scarlet as a top runner in the “Name the Baby” contest. Not that anyone in my family would have agreed to it, but it is still a favorite.

Anyway....this past weekend, I went to the Dallas Arboretum and was able to see the first flowers of spring! It was a cool place and I imagine it will be even more beautiful in the coming weeks as everything starts to bloom. I got some great shots of flowers, mostly tulips. There were all colors, but these looked pretty darn close to our scarlet. We colored on a piece of paper and took it with us for comparison!

(I would also like to say that this is the first time I have really taken photographs of flowers so it was an all new experience.  This challenge has taken me out of the box and I love it!  I hope it is getting you to step out of your box too.)

I am thoroughly enjoying every single one of your plum posts! It is getting harder and harder to pick a favorite each week!


  1. Beautiful! I still need to find my scarlet picture.

  2. Love the bottom shot! Oh, how exciting that spring has sprung!

  3. Gorgeous! Nobody can top the beauty of nature.

  4. The flowers are beautiful.... Love tulips

  5. Wow. These tulips are gorgeous. Unfortunately tulips don't last long here with the Missouri wind!

  6. Scarlet would be precious for a little girl! It's old fashioned yet unique and lovely!
    Great flower shots! For someone who doesn't take flower pictures often, you did amazing! The color is great too!