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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pacific Blue - Jeana

I know my post was supposed to be yesterday, son surprised me and let me have my grandson for a couple of days while he was at a conference and mom took a couple of days off for some much needed "rest"! So I was busy!!! But after looking at all the pics I took I realized that they were perfect because his new favorite toy is this BIG ball and it happened to be Pacific Blue!

Thank you for "letting" me share the love of my life with you!!!
Keep up the great posts!



  1. I have a sweet spot for red-headed little boys! I bet you had a wonderful time spoiling him! Great photos!

  2. Do not apologize for taking the day to play with your grandson! He is so precious and you know how I feel about little red headed boys!!! Thanks for reminding all of us that sometimes we need to take a break from the things that we THINK are important to spend time doing what really IS important, investing in the lives of others. I am glad you had such a great day!!!

  3. Family comes first, especially grandchildren! That's my philosophy anyway. Lovely color.

  4. My little man loves balls too. I can't believe he will be turning three this saturday mixed emotions are abound. It's so great that you are so invloved in his life. It's great for you, him and his parents. I can't even begin to imagine the kind of love I will feel for my grandchildren. It's still a long ways away for me but I wonder sometimes because the love I feel for my children it's already so undescribable. I love the last photo where he is peeking from behind the ball.

  5. What a fun surprise!