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Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 16 Color Reveal

This week has been crazy...this day has been crazy! I spent 5+ hours on the phone with dell today, my crayons for this months color disappeared and the one I dug out of the boys color box rolled off my paper and fell under my porch before I could photograph it! Not to mention while I'm sitting here I discovered our resident armadillo has returned and now is tearing up our yard.  That was just today, my rest of my week was full of restoring my computer to factory settings, photo sessions, backing up files, editing, thunder storms, paperwork and mounds of laundry!!!!

So, this week I pulled one from the archives for this week's color! I took this during a photo shoot in downtown Tulsa, I love this location! I thought the blue "door" (I actually think it use to be a fountain) was perfect for pacific blue!

 A big Thank You to Kendall for providing the pics for this weeks color prompt photo, I sent a text to her tonight and she came through for me in pinch!

Happy color hunting!



  1. Lovely photo. The texture and the colors complement each other; hence, making this photo awesome. On a side note, I hope your crazy week will pass.

  2. Oh wow, I really am in love with that photo!! I love the textures and old doors and windows are some of my favs to photograph! I agree with Bel, hopefully the week will get better!

  3. Wonderful shot, Brooke!

    Hope you have a joyous and more peaceful day today! ;)

    It has been a joy to participate in this project. Thanks.

  4. I absolutely love old doors and windows! This shot is one of my fave for introducing the color of the week.

  5. Love the photo! I work downtown and need to find this location! LOL!!

  6. Just stunning! I hope your week gets better!