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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pacific Blue {Kendall}

Whew!  It's technically I am a day late now as the clock keeps ticking away.  I have been editing photos for the last few evenings and I get so caught up in them that I don't realize what time it is!

Here is my first photo and my original idea for my pacific blue:
I had so much fun shooting five prom couples this weekend.  If you are on Facebook, find me!  Kendall Johns Artography.  I just started my fan page this weekend.

And here is my second photo which just jumped out at me and I wanted to share it.  Last May, my husband's best friend passed away.  It has been an emotional year for all of us.  His birthday was April 18, so we got together with his family and friends and had a party celebrating the beautiful life that he shared with us for too short a time.  We let balloons go and this was one of my favorite pictures.

Keep posting your pictures.  They get better and better each week!  And I think the hunt gets more difficult each week...or is that just me feeling that way?!?



  1. I agree, some weeks are so similar to previous colors and we want to find just the right shade which can get tedious! Pretty photos, that couple is so cute!

  2. We are almost a quarter of the way through the box...I have been putting them in order in my own box of 64.
    I love this weeks color but am having a hard time finding it so...yes it is getting a bit more challenging for me here. :)

  3. I agree. The photo with the balloons takes me back to the culmination of my younger brother's funeral. He too was with us for too short a time; he left a giant hole in all who knew him.

  4. Fantastic pictures! The blue is so vibrant!!
    I also have to agree with you and the rest, it was difficult to find magenta this week!! I have been enjoying the hunt's truly making more aware of my surroundings!!

  5. Great photos kendall!