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Friday, May 6, 2011

Brown Flowers -- Who Knew? { Sheryl }

Oh my gosh -- I was shopping for geraniums for my balcony planter boxes and found this brown orchid!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  I am beginning to think that you can find anything in Istanbul!

I always wanted an orchid -- my momma can grow them, well, actually she can grow anything!  So now that I bought one -- I can assure you this plant is in trouble!  If you have any suggestions, please let me know --

This is what I did to get the these shots --

This was quite a contraption.  I made no adjustments to these photos.  I have been trying to shoot in camera raw, using the manuel setting, planning my exposure in the camera.  Trying to grow in my execution is becoming a priority for me.  I really did like how the background read as gray.  I don't have any foam core board, however,  I have heard rumors that it does exist in Istanbul.  I have yet to see any.  I did see an art supply store the other day in a village next to the Bosporus.  That will be one of my adventures next week.

Now the question I was asked was "What brought us to Istanbul?"  My husband took a position with an oil and gas company.  So, for the first time in 30 years he actually has a job where he works for someone else.  We have been self-employed since we were married in 1981, so this has been a real adjustment, for both of us, on many levels.  We have been here a year now.  I was thinking the other day how familiar things are now; compared to what it was for me when we first arrived.  The area, the language and the grocery store are not so scary! (I probably wouldn't have gotten through any of them without Shana!)  I really can go on about this for way too long -- please ask me anything -- anytime!  How many of you have had to look at a map to see where Turkey is?  I had too when Terry asked me if I would come with him --

I am looking forward to more adventures in Turkey and Europe -- Thanks for stopping by -- Love, Love!


  1. Love the set up shot! I am going to search for more background color sheets like yours.
    Gorgeous orchids...I had one once and it was doomed too.
    I enjoyed it while it lasted.

  2. What adventurers you and your hubby are! Turkey, seems to me, to be an exotic place. Can't remember if I said before, but my husband was stationed in both Africa and Turkey during the 1950s before I met him. Never have been abroad, so I really enjoy photos taken by you and others.
    Go on-line to find out how to care for your orchid. Maybe you'll develop an orchid green thumb!

  3. Gorgeous. I love the colours of this orchid. I always see how our elderly neighbour covers her orchid with a little napkin every morning when the sun hits her window. In the afternoon, when the sun isn't shining there anymore, she takes them off. So I guess that's a tip I can give you: avoid direct sunlight. But ofcourse, it could be that that only counts for Orchids here in the Netherlands and are Turkish orchids totally different. I have no idea. When it comes to plants, I always just do something without thinking. Plants in my house never survive long. In my garden they thrive, but in my house. Weird now I think about it....

  4. This is gorgeous! Who knew you would have an orchid before me? You have kept an African Violet alive so I have confidence in you. These shots are gorgeous and love that you are showing how you are setting them up. Great job!

  5. Did I tell you that the violet s blooming . . . again? I can't believe it! The only thing I have done is water it and leave on the kitchen sink . . .

  6. I love these photos! I hope the orchid survives. I have seen a few of your plant casualties!