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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The question that was asked of me from last week was about my encounter with the professor on my committee... "How did you respond to the lady with the cutting remarks? Do you think she attacked for beliefs on purpose?"

First of all I knew better than to say too much, my degree was riding on this, so I was as nice as I could be but I did let her know that I had worked very hard on the project and felt it was more than "just enough to pass"! I have had her for a couple of classes and she is a very "crude matter-of-fact" women's libber!  She always talked down about her husband and she just has this strong personality that makes no one want to "tangle" with her! She did speak of religion in class but it was obvious it wasn't important to her, it was more a duty to go to church.  Yes, she knew what she was saying....but that is OK, "I know whom I have believed in and am persuaded that HE is able...."

The picture that I am posting is actually Kendall's son! His ball team was playing my nephew's team and so I snapped this as he was sliding home! I absolutely LOVE to take sports pictures and capture action like this. I would live at the ball fields if my husband would let me and just snap pictures!

The dirt reminded me of this weeks color! I miss the days of "living" at the fields watching my boys play ball! Those of you who have younger kids....enjoy them! They grow up way too fast!!!
Until next week.....



  1. I couldn't believe it when I saw this picture and it was Kyler! What a fantastic shot! I am sure his mother is thrilled! When I am home -- let's take a photo walk together -- miss you!

  2. This is a great shot! I love it!

  3. They DO grow up too fast! Every time I blink, my son is bigger...and he's only four! Kendall's boys are ginormous to start with...they're going to dwarf her in no time!

    I love this action shot, by the way...and I love the little puff of dirt that is a perfect tumbleweed match!

  4. I love this picture and that boy! Thank you for sharing!!! I will have to show him, he will be impressed. It is a great Tumbleweed color. How clever!

  5. I love this shot. It captures the essence of fun and the thrill of the mind of a little boy!