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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tumbleweed { Natalie

I have to be honest.Tumbleweed was NOT a color I enjoyed hunting for. But I did find one that I love. This is one of the many sea shells my family and I have found on the beaches we go to at least once a week. I know I'm rubbing it in a little but I had to! Also I thought you might like to know a few things about me since we've never met :)

1.One day I WILL adopt a baby girl from China. I really feel like God wants me to and have for a long time.

2. I hate spiders! Something about them just freaks me out!

3. My dream car is a green four door Jeep Wrangler.

4. My mom is my best friend

5. Making people laugh ( either with or at me ) is something I can always do :)

6. I am the oldest of I am the oldest of 6, soon to be 8 grandkids.

7. Reading isn't my thing but lately I've been trying to get into it. Currently I'm reading The Digital Photography Book: How To Shoot Like The Pros by Scott Kelby. There are 3 Volumes and I'm at the 3rd. I love them!

8. I hate watching sports on TV. For me it's like watching paint dry!

9. I am terrified of heights!! If I'm in a plane, fine, but at least I'm safe!

10. I do a weird thing with my lip when I'm taking pictures and I stick my toungue out when I'm concentrating. Sheryl thinks it's funny! lol

11. One of my dreams is to meet and shoot with Nigel Barker. I LOVE his pictures!

12. I hate cleaning and cooking. I'm trying very hard to start liking it because one of these days I will have a hubby and kiddos to take care of.

13. I love helping people.

14. I'm so glad I've joined these ladies on this adventure!

15. I'm a photographer who is seriously in love with what I do! being able to make someone happy by "shooting" them is so rewarding!

Thank you for always commenting on our pictures. It makes us feel so special. Have a great week everyone!

XOXO Natalie


  1. Yes, you rubbed that in a little! So tell us how old are you? You are always good for a laugh -- I love that about you! Wish I was going to see you soon! Love, Love!

  2. Sheryl can't really talk cause she has been to your beach!! I hope to make a trip to you soon. Love you!

  3. Also, I love the processing on your photo!!

  4. 12. I'm a freak and love to cook and clean...but one word of experiential advice I can give you: since your #13 reveals that you love helping people, have the mindset that you're helping your husband and children by giving them a clean house and healthy meal. Not as easy to get that mindset with a fully capable husband, but once you're a mommy, you'll likely have a servant's heart with them.

    You're a sweet girl, and I love your posts!

  5. When in doubt, defer to the beach...and shells! Your found a perfect match from the perfect place. Thanks for letting us in on some of your fun facts.