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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cerulean Blue - Everywhere and NO Where! { Sheryl }

Well, this color is around me everywhere!  It is the color for the government and traffic signage. 
 This sign below is one of many "suggestions" -- Most of the streets are designated one 
way -- However, you have to be very careful, you can't assume anything!  I have come very near
 death thinking that I had checked the appropriate direction of oncoming traffic.  The scooters have
 free reign even driving between lanes on the highway.  

The picture below is a typical street sign.  You ought to hear our GPS say some of these
 names -- it's so funny!  The name in bottom Cerulean blue part is that region of the city.

Below is one of the new busses that constitutes a remarkable systems for moving people
 in this huge city.  These busses go 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We use an
 Akbil (auk-beel) filled with lira to gain access.  Behind this buss is the
 "Yeni Camii" (New Mosque) build in the 16th century.  I am the area of
 Eminunu which is home to the spice bazaar and other really interesting shopping.

Please let me know if you would like to see anything in particular.  I would love
to answer any questions that you might have -- I have grown to love this city and the 
people who live in it.  The history is amazing and so much fun to learn.  We will
be traveling to the "Seven Churches of Revelation" next week.  

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  1. You have really made me miss Turkey! My post today is all about my turkish pottery. Which is covered in the Cerulean. Great photos. I would like to see some photos from inside the Blue Mosque!

  2. Oh, we almost went there yesterday! That would have been perfect!