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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good Evening Fellow Photogs!!! (Jeana)

Well......all the hoopla about my graduation is over....and I just took my kids and grandson to the airport (Yes, at 10:30 PM...they kept getting delayed because of the bad weather...poor lil guy is gonna be tired tomorrow!). So as always it is bitter sweet.....I love them so much and will miss them but I know I have to get my life back to "normal".....God didn't intend for us to all live in one house, I don't think!!! So tomorrow will begin the clean up and the beginning of my "new" future as a non-student! I have been going to school for what seems forever! Six years full time and prior to that I had taken classes on a part time basis. Yes, I have so many college hours that I have to get permission to take more, every time I try to sign up!!!!
Pray that I can adjust to the "real" world!!!
Anyway as I sat on the deck today watching Jonathan play (and taking pictures of course)  for what I knew would be the last time I would see him for a couple of months I saw his cup sitting on the deck rail and thought it was a fairly good match for this weeks color.

Amazing how different the colors look on the computer!!
Same cup, different camera settings!

This was our make shift water slide and thought it was a cool picture of the water splashing on the step

This is nothing more than just a picture of my cutie pie grandson!

Well happy shooting to you all this week....and say a prayer for me if you think about it!!!


  1. Great job! I have really learned about color in this project! Now that I have struggled with color on the monitor (different between my laptop and my Viewsonic attached) and now you point out camera settings -- color is is very relative! I think the sun, the water and your adorable Jonathan made a great choice for this weeks color! Love, Love!

  2. So adorable! Seriously, it is amazing how the colors are different on the computer.