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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Color Reveal Week 39

Another week another color! I've been keeping the past colors in a separate location from the unused ones still in the box so my box is looking kind of sad which only means we are truckin' on towards the end...but we still have a little ways to go. Like I said in the link up post this week and weekend have been super crazy and I barely had time to take pics for this week's color reveal much less look for the color, so I didn't. I scribbled the color on a piece of paper and handed it to my youngest boy and asked if he would help mommy match her color while I she gave his brother a bath, kill two birds with one stone...clean one and keep the other occupied. So I can't take credit for my finds this week, but they are a pretty good match, someone has good eyes and did it all on his own with any help and he is only 2 1/2 (proud mommy moment here)!

Of course once big brother was done taking a bath he had to try his hand at matching mommy's color and since it was little brothers turn in the tub I had no is what he found!

And here is your color for week 39, Periwinkle!

Have a great week and happy color hunting!


  1. I love periwinkle, it reminds me of your gorgeous wedding! I think the match was perfect and know he felt so grown up helping mommy. Great way to multi-task.

  2. Beautiful photos.
    I love your project and wish you have a new one next year so I can join.

  3. Can you send them over here? They did a great job!