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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Periwinkle - Jeana

Well this is another one of those colors that looks totally different in the wrapper than on paper! But I think I captured it (at least I hope!) I spent last weekend in Denver celebrating my 2 year old grandson's birthday and I really wanted to get some good shots of him....WOW I forgot how 2 year old boys don't like to sit still! So here are a few shots...
This is the chair we took for him to sit in.....HAHA, he put his stuff there but not him!!!

OK I'll sit beside it!!! The top one is SOOC, but I like the editing on the second one!
OK I'll sit in it if I can have Papa's Phone!
Then the fun day at riding Thomas the train!!!
OK So this one has not even a bit of periwinkle....I just think it is stinkin' cute and shows how much fun a 2 year old can have riding a train!!! We should all be this excited about the little things in life!
OK sorry to bore you with all the pics but I didn't post last week so you got double this week and I am still on a grandson high!!! 

Have an amazing week!



  1. I so enjoyed each photo...and I am SURE I saw some of the color. He is adorable! How wonderful that you were able to be with him to celebrate.

  2. Thanks Kim! We had a great time and are learning to enjoy the time we have with him no matter how long or short it is!

  3. I don't blame you a bit; what a cutie he is!

  4. So cute! So was the chair! Have a great week!