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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Asparagus {Kendall}

The last week has gone by in a flash!  I couldn't believe it was already Tuesday again.  My photos are of my sweet little t-ball player.  I actually dislike the color of his uniform, but it works for the color this week!  His coach apparently has an affinity for this color of green because he coaches a soccer team and I did their team pictures and they were the same color.  Blah!

I love this second one because he is wearing his sunglasses.  They are meant for serious ball players only!  And he wore them the entire game and in the team picture too.  It's hilarious.

I hope you all have fun searching for your asparagus.  I am enjoying the cerulean photos.  Do you pronounce that sir-u-leen?  Just curious since I am pretty sure I have NEVER heard anyone say that!

Have a fantabulous week,


  1. I've always heard it pronounced sir-RIL-lee-an.

    Coco is a hoot. He makes me laugh until I snort.

    And what's the deal with men and green? When I first married Jason, I had to slowly do away with his collection of all things evergreen: dishes, towels, sheets, shower curtains...if it could be evergreen, it was. I guess they just pick something they like and stick with it?

  2. What a sweet boy!! I just love his smile in the second photo, he seems so happy and proud to be wearing those cool sunglasses! :D Looking forward to asparagus!

  3. This kid would look great in any color! I love the glasses --
    What do you mean --? He is a serious ball player!!!

  4. Love the one with the cute!
    I have always pronouced it like Wytography said.

  5. I've pronounced it su-roo-lee-un. Now I must look in the dictionary. Just a sec...Back, and that's the way it is pronounced in my American Heritage College Dictionary.
    Memories came forth with viewing the pics of your ball player! :)