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Friday, May 20, 2011

I am so sorry this is late!  We are traveling and internet has been an issue!
Having friends come to visit us has been a remarkable thing.  Especially now that we are more
 able to communicate, get around and just generally know what we are doing!

 The above image is taken in the Basilica Cistern in SultanAhmet.  This is the old part of the city.
  I am not sure exactly of the history here but it is my understanding that this cistern was and is fed by a aqueduct that is still standing in Istanbul.  (Not restored) There are two Medusa heads at the end of the
 walkway of the cistern.  Supposedly these stones were taken from a ruin close by and used to support two of the columns in the vast space of many columns.  There was no respect paid to the likenesses because one is upside down completely and this one, as you can see, is on it's side.  I shot this in
 a dark atmosphere. I was braced on a small fence post.  

 This photograph is one of many I took while we were at a ruin called Hierapolis.  This is one
 of the many ancient cities here in Turkey that fell into ruin after an earthquake or in this case many. 
 This the city where Philip was martyred.   I really can't believe that they can find and piece
 back together so much of these historic cities.

This is another photo I took this week.  We were at the fallen city of Philadelphia.   Excavation here is continuing in a nearby area.  Hopefully more can be learned about this city.  There truly
 is very little left of this city, however the gardens surrounding it are bountiful with fruit.   
I had never seen "Baby Grapes" and couldn't resist.  

I am editing photographs from this trip to post soon.  Keep posting your cerulean photos;  I am really loving all your hard work.  The creativity that you all have really amazes me!  I am reading a really nice book about creativity called "If You Want to Write" by Brenda Ueland.  I know from the title that it sounds limiting but it's about creativity and knowing the power of it and incorporating it into your everyday experience.  Besides she is a delightful read.

Thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl


  1. The green on the Medusa head fits this week's color perfectly. I wouldn't have expected Medusa to be so lovely.

  2. I just love your photos! I can't wait to see more from your trip!

  3. I truly magnificent area and so full of history and interesting artifacts. I really like the stone carving on its side with the moss.