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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Killing Two Birds With One Stone ( Natalie )

Wow! This has been a busy couple of weeks! My family and I made a surprise trip to Oklahoma last week. I had planned on posting my picture but then realized we don't have Internet at the house. So I came down to the local coffee shop. This is my Asparagus picture :) I think the picture says it all! I love Veggie Tales ( yes I know I'm a little old ) but in my opinion you can never be too old for Veggie Tales! Here's my pic from last weeks color.


  1. gorgeous for last week's color!
    I love Veggie Tales too! They were perfect for 1st grade. (I taught in a Catholic school.)

  2. I love veggie tales too!! Your last week's photo is stunning.

  3. How can anyone not love Veggie Tales?! :-)