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Monday, August 1, 2011

Color Reveal, Week 31 {Brooke}

Well, most of my day was spent unpacking 2 weeks worth of clothes and items picked up from a handful of visits to target, antique shops and thrift stores. It is weird being away from home for so long and coming back, everything just stands still and is exactly the way you left it...luckily my house was clean when we left so I was only left to unpack the van. The only sign that we were gone was my poor shriveled plant, poor guy has been on the verge of dying more times than I can count and usually after my pleas and TLC he always came back the next day, this time I don't think he will be so lucky...Well all this unpacking almost made this week's color slip my mind, but being away for two weeks also means that my two little munchkins get to rediscover their toys that two weeks ago were starting to become boring. Well,wouldn't you know week 31's color was there,some forest green army men....


  1. We have a bucket full of those army men shots!