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Friday, August 5, 2011

Forrest Green - Jeana

WOW...this week is flying by and I totally forgot what day it was! I was supposed to post yesterday! My husband is out of town and when he leaves I ALWAYS take on a home improvement project! This week I am painting ALL my trim in my house and putting in all new Interior Doors (11 of 'em!).  So....although I hate excuses.....I am going to use one this week!

Anyway here is another couple of pics from my last trip. Both pics have GREEN grass and trees, something poor ole Oklahoma is not seeing anymore! I thought after the record breaking Winter we would have a mild summer.....NOT! But soon enough we will talking about how cold it is!

This is one of my favorites that I took, it was just a perfect setting and position to catch the buffalo and the mountains behind it.

I love the Lone Tree in this one!

AND of course my posts wouldn't be complete without my grandson!
Have a great weekend and stay cool if you are in the HEAT ZONE!!!



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  2. Very cooool looking green shots! I love the lone tree, very nice!