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Friday, August 5, 2011

Forrest Green ( Sheryl )

Forrest Green

I really am a "green" person.  I love greens of most shades.  I actually prefer the more saturated colors such as forrest green.  When I made the color swatch below, I really didn't think it gave an accurate representation of the color, what about ya'll?

 Last Tuesday a friend went with me on an adventure.  I wanted to try another Bosporus cruise.  I can hear the boats on the water passing by my house with loud speakers, giving an explanation of the sites along the shores.  We headed to Beşiktaş port looking for this cruise.  We didn't find it actually but we had a good time.  We bought one-way tickets to the North and got off in a village called Sariyer.  
 Along the water was a place that looked good to eat (sometimes looks can be deceiving) and have some chi.  We ordered our food and there was "forrest green" -- salad comes on every plate and as you can see, even the pizza!
Last sunday, Terry and I ate along the Bosporus.  This is a view of the Second Bridge from my chair.  Everywhere you look in this city is a view of interest.  Even if you can't see the water you can always count on something interesting.  

Thanks for stopping by -- Love, Love!  Sheryl


  1. I agree with you that the swatch doesn't look like forest green, but the salad greens and the table umbrellas certainly fit the bill. Always love your scenic views of Turkey!

  2. Lovely photos! I especially love the first one of all the boats. I really like all the colors.